Balcony Waterproofing, Sealing and Coating Services

Balconies are exposed to more than just one source of potential damage. There is foot traffic, plant life, water and sun exposure, and the debris that collects on them, all of which are things that can, over time, because wear and tear of the materials used to waterproof the balcony. Before you know it, cracks will start appearing, and if not treated these crack can evolve into bigger problems including expensive structural issues.

Most of these issues can be dealt with simply by cleaning regularly and waterproofing the balcony regularly. You can count on Affinity Building Solutions’s technicians to protect your balcony and keep it pretty and structurally sound for several years without issue.

Most will have some kind of protection from water, like an asphalt membrane for example. But the problem with water protection is that it lasts for only a limited amount of time, and when that time passes water will start causing damage to the substrate underneath it. Of course, it would be best to get ABS’s technicians to have a look at the balcony before the original waterproofing fails. If that isn’t the case, however, they will still be able to help.

To waterproof balconies, our technicians use only the most technologically advanced materials and methods. They also make sure that the materials they use are environmentally friendly. They will guaranty your balcony will be safe from damage caused by water for a minimum of 5 years.