Magnesite Floor Repair & Replacement

Floor holds great importance for every property, no matter whether it is about interiors or exteriors. And, when it comes to property outdoors, magnesite flooring system is one reliable option to go straight from the shoulder.

This flooring system is an economical option for exterior surfaces or decks and created with a blend of Magnesium oxychloride cement, grouts, and accrues. However, today’s Magnesite Flooring is vastly different than the styles that were first introduced to the flooring industry.

The reason why you will require magnesite repair is the rich chloride contents in it causing problems like perspiration, dispersion of chloride ions into metal erosion, usually seen as bulges appearing under the carpet or fissures in the floor tiles. To know how we are helpful in magnesite floor repair, it is important to know the way we work in….

Repairing a Magnesite floor

First and foremost is to find out the extent of the problem, after you detect the risk, and confirm the cause of the fragmentation. This is possible by figuring out the chloride content in the concrete and the cover to strengthen particular places where the magnesite can be partly separated.

The facts will help in verifying the level of chloride in the surrounding area of the steel reinforcement and provide a complete idea of the ratio of steel reinforcement located in concrete adulterated with Chloride contents.

At Affinity Building Solutions, we stake our reputation to protect your investment by providing products and services that result in lasting solutions for our clients. Not just the moment it is ended, but our factory trained technicians will be keen to serve you, years later.

Moreover, you’ve got options for magnesite floor repair or replacement with professional assistance we offer like:

  • Removing the current magnesite topping and removing the fresh one
  • Removing the current magnesite topping and contaminated concrete and eliminate the cathodic protection repair by replacing with impressed current cathodic protection system.
  • Removal of magnesite topping and all spalled concrete, by eliminating the cathodic protection repair and mount a sacrificial terminal system in both restored and left over sound areas of the slab.
  • Last but not the least, applying a concrete sealer to avert any further entrance of humidity and oxygen to the steel reinforcement.

Apart from the options you have to apply for a successful magnesite floor repair, only an in-depth study by our factory trained technicians can determine the level of current and possible corrosion and the most applicable route for repair.

Therefore, it is essential to have expert’s advice and a thorough valuation of the slab condition so that right repair or replacement option can be determined.