Concrete Sealing Services

At Affinity Building Solutions, we specialize in everything related to concrete restoration and sealing. We offer several products for concrete, stone and masonry sealing, including topical, stain resistant, and deep penetrating sealers. Check out our quality concrete sealing products.

Penetrating Lithium Sealers

A commercial-grade concrete sealer, hardener and densifier, LithiSeal is a highly self-reactive, water-based lithium sealer free from solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is designed to deeply penetrate concrete on a molecular level, thus filling macro and micro spaces and ensuring long-term protection against water penetration. Once finished, the process is irreversible and provides permanent water resistance. The product also reduces if not eliminates efflorescence and protects against Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR). LithiSeal seals, hardens and strengthens concrete easily; other features include mold, mildew and fungus resistance, dust elimination, and protection against spalling, flaking and other types of surface deterioration.


An eco-friendly product designed to protect concrete surfaces from oil, food and water, Featuring advanced fluro-polymer technology for increased stain suspension and release on indoor and outdoor surfaces, this multi-purpose sealing product is invisible and will not yellow, peel or flake. It makes gum removal easier and doesn’t interfere with concrete’s slip resistance, even when wet. Repelz creates a durable, natural-looking surface, and even reduces staining that remains following removal. Time spent washing and scrubbing stains isalso reduced.

Topical Sealers

Topical sealers add an extra layer of protection to stained or integrally concrete. Color enhancement is achieved resulting in a semi-gloss finish. These sealers are designed to seal new, old, interior or exterior concrete and polymer modified concrete overlays where a clear semi-gloss finish is desired.Moreover, they are durable and long lasting with excellent abrasion resistance.