Concrete Driveway Resurfacing and Crack Repair

Even though it’s a long, plane stretch of concrete, tar or slab, driveways can actually be very expensive to install. That’s because to do the way it should be needs a proper groundwork. For this reason, many businesses are reluctant from replacing their driveways downright from the beginning. Instead they choose to deal with the growing cracks and material rundown by patching up cracks on their own.

While this seems lucrative in the short run, it could cause you paying hefty amount if those minor concrete cracks turn in to major ones. Rather than ripping it off completely and hammering a new one to fit in, ABS Restoration offer driveway repair and resurface techniques to help you have the decision of repairing or resurfacing the driveway.

ABS Restoration, the leading provider of restoration, protection and sealing of concrete and wood substrates, has a repair experts’ team to help you keep your driveway in top shape.

We preserve your driveway life with expertise

– Have your driveway resurfaced easier with the help of our professionals, depending on the type of drive and its condition.

– We make sure every crack or hole is patched before driveway resurfacing.

– We take care of hard-to-remove stains occurred due to gas and oil spills, especially on concrete.

– We recommend businesses to never try a driveway crack repair themselves, but to leave it on our trained team of technicians. As a mistake could cost you a complete installation then just a repair.

Although, walkways are less frequent to receive traffic than driveways, it is obvious that they tend to lose their unique appearance with passing time. Especially when the weather conditions are unpredictable like snowfall, deicing of salt and other chemical abuse.

Why Level your walkways with Affinity Building Slutions

– Save you more than 50% over the cost of walkway repair

– Ready for the same day usage

– Environmentally friendly

– Guaranteed quality standards

– Affinity Building Solutions is a fully insured contractor

– Factory-trained technicians to serve walkaway resurfacing

Walk in our office or reach us online, we are eager to serve you.