Commercial Epoxy Flooring & Coating

epoxy coating flooring


Our integrated approach to interior space has always been different to what is in common. Based on the service requirements, our technicians make every effort to help customers redefine their interior environments by installing an extensive array of epoxy floor coatings.

Epoxy flooring is a great choice to add an aesthetically pleasing floor to a commercial space.


Epoxy flooring options include:

  • 100% solids epoxy
  • Heat resistant epoxy
  • Epoxy slurry
  • Water based epoxy
  • Waterproof epoxy
  • Epoxy mortar
  • Pigmented epoxy
  • Decorative epoxy
  • Chemical resistant epoxy
  • Vapor Permeable Epoxy

It is critical to have concrete floors ready before the application of an epoxy coating system. To make sure the epoxy will bond properly, we first performa vapor transmission test with a calcium chloride test kit or with a relative humidity tester. If vapor transmission is too high, we will likely recommend installation of a vapor barrier prior to installing the epoxy floor coating.

During the installation process, the floor is properly profiled and cleaned of all impurities and stains. All cracks that can telegraph through the surface are also repaired. Only after all of this do we begin the epoxy installation.