Los Angeles Parking Deck Waterproofing


The number one concern we hear from property managers is the safety risk that damaged concrete poses. Damaged concrete can catch a woman’s heel and cause them to fall incurring injury. Proper maintenance can help owners avoid costly litigation that results from injuries due to damaged concrete. This is where Affinity Building Solutions comes in. Our technicians are specially trained at restoring the look and durability of commercial parking lots and decks.

The repairing of the parking deck is not of a huge difficulty any more if you are hiring the right specialists. Technicians at Affinity Building Solutions will find the best way to repair and bring your parking deck to its former appearance.

Resurfacing Concrete Parking Lots in Orange County

Simply because a parking lot is showing age and serious cracking, does not mean it should be replaced. With advances in technology, there are several methods available to restore a concrete parking lot that were not available a few years ago. Plus the life expectancy of concrete compared to asphalt is 2.5 times longer. The parking lot is cracked? Here we are, our professional technicians are again there to resurface the parking lot and bring you back the sustainability and consistency of the lot.

Depending on the required maintenance, we do everything from minor crack and spall repair to complete concrete resurfacing with super low viscosity polyureas and epoxies to heal cracks, methyl methacrylate top coats to provide durability and vehicular grade urethane to protect against water intrusion.

Waterproofing of parking decks

The parking decks are easily exposed by water and if you wish to have a both, long lasting and effective decks you should trust this challenge to ABS, the professionals of which are always ready to improve the waterproofing system of the parking deck and give a permanent solution to your troubles.

The area of parking is one of the first things that brings a first impression and having followed all the necessary actions like resurfacing the parking deck, repairing it if there are some cracks and waterproofing, will ensure the positive effect on the first impression.