Pool Deck Resurfacing and Repair

Pool decks are not impervious to damage. Just like any other concrete surface, they too can have cracks, stains, and a worn look. In fact, pool decks might be even more prone to damage because, apart from the elements which are a constant threat to the integrity of concrete, they also have the added hazard of always being near a source of water. Our’s technicians are well aware of what it takes to fix and maintain pool decks, and they do it all year round.

Pool Deck Repairs

No matter how well it’s designed and built, any pool deck will over time develop flaws that are usually seen in concrete. Best-case scenario, they will be purely aesthetic flaws and won’t compromise the structural integrity of the pool deck – a stain here and there, maybe some minor cracks appearing. Worst-case scenario, structural damage can occur, major cracks might appear and even whole pieces of the deck can become dislodged and become a safety issue for anyone using the pool or the deck.

But regardless of the extent of damage that needs to be repaired, our technicians will be there, with the right tools for the job. The materials our technicians will use to repair your pool will not cause harm to anyone who will use the deck, or to the environment, and they will get the job done.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Sometimes, the best way to address flaws of a pool deck is to simply add a polymerized concrete overlayment. By doing so, our technicians can take care of small cracks, spalling or scaling. Resurfacing will also give you a chance to create a completely different look for your pool deck – it’s possible to add colors, patterns, even textures.

Pool deck repair, resurfacing and coating are essential maintenance and repair procedures for Los Angeles and Orange county commercial properties and buildings. Call Affinity Building Solutions to schedule a technician visit at (626) 336-8886 or Request a Project Proposal.