Urethane grout injection

Concrete often cracks! Mostly experienced on the locations with high footfall or unconditional weight abuse. But, what makes concrete as first choice always is its resilience whether you refurbish a balcony or a pool deck.

All of those unwanted cracks in concrete structures may cause serious problems like water leakage which results in structural weakness and even failure if cracks not treated on time. Now most of these problems can be economically resolved utilizing Affinity’s Pressure Urethane Flooring System.

Urethane cement flooring systems are custom-made as per the demanding service conditions be it industrial, pharmaceutical, or commercial environment.     At Affinity Building Solutions, we make sure that our products standby every important component to become first-of-its-kind for our customers to experience.

This technology remains on the go for the long timespan of the floor- even when broken or dilapidated – unlike traditional coatings or surface treatments especially in balconies and pool decks.

Urethane Flooring System performs when you need it most.

Urethane balcony coating floors achieve what others can’t – even in extreme usage conditions. Some of the unique properties of our cementitious urethane flooring include:

  • Offer excellent coatings with tolerance in moist and constantly wet situations
  • Remarkable performance when susceptible to chemicals, acids and alkalis
  • Resistant to thermal shock and thermal cycle
  • Endures quirky temperatures and cleanable in mist
  • Solvent-free properties to offer high finishing on urethane coating
  • Exceptional adhesion to suitably arranged concrete slab surfaces
  • Personalized slip-resistance options
  • Fast to cure, less odor when installation takes place
  • Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) mitigation, when used as part of the FloroProof System, a new yet effective flooring system known for well-bond properties.

Besides all the versatility it offers, urethane deck flooring also needs to fulfil decorative requirements along with special surface characteristics such as chemical, mechanical and thermal requirements. Affinity Building Solutions coatings, needless to say, stand best to most high demanding requirements as well. In order to meet virtually any requirement that can be placed on a coating, we try and understand what is needed and how it can be fulfilled with best results later.