Vapor barrier

Although construction science has advanced rapidly over the last few years, one thing has remained constant and that is misconception over using vapor barriers. As there can be different ways to install vapor barriers, the risk of inaccuracy may persist.

At Affinity Building Solutions, we have served number of private homes, commercial properties, hotels, buildings with absolute performance. Especially when it comes to the areas like basements, lower ground floors and others. These areas are usually moist from either walls based on weak water resistance or if it enters the crawl space through soil around your home.

What is not advised is to let the situation continue in your crawlspace, as it is not only affecting your walls or home strength but exposing your family to the health threats. The constant growth rate in moist conditions can turn in to mold that is strictly prohibited to ensure your family’s health on priority.

To curb out all this on best note, you must need expert’s hands and we’ll be glad to serve you.

The benefits will definitely proves as stress-buster for you

Cover the floor and side walls of your crawlspace using your choice of plastic sheeting.

Stops the soil moisture from getting into the air space of your basement or crawl space. Therefore, eliminates future mold growth by making your home safer for your family.

Vapor barrier Installation Service is reasonable. We specialize in hands-on vapor barriers that are commendable at guarding your home, but will not make a hole in your pocket.